Chanukkah Gift Rules

Shalom to you, seeker of gifts!

There will Chanukkah gifts hidden throughout the website. One gift will be added on each of the eight nights of Chanukkah. To be fair, I wanted to make the rules known up front. So here they are…

1. Gifts may be hidden ANYWHERE on the website. Some will be easier to find than others.

2. Some gifts will be available to every person who finds it. The most common form of this type of gift would be a downloadable gift, either music, or something else like it.

3. Other gifts will only be available to the FIRST person who completes the form associated with that gift. ALL gifts of this type that are won will be given to the winner after Shabbat services on December 11th. You do not need to be present to win. You only need to be present to pick up your gift! No gifts will be shipped to the winner.

4. Every gift will have a form associated with it for the finder to complete and submit. This will register you as having found the gift for that night. If you do not fill out the form, you will not be registered as a finder of the gift, and will not be entered into the drawing for the Grand Prize.

5. The Grand Prize will be awarded to one person who has correctly found all eight Chanukkah gifts. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE THE WINNER OF THE NIGHTLY GIFT IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE GRAND PRIZE. You only need to have found it. Eligible finders are those who have submitted forms for all eight gifts.

6. The Grand Prize has a retail value over $300.

Well, that’s about it. May God bless you in this season, and may He bless your search.

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