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Q: Are you going to resume posting your messages on your website.  Nothing has been posted since May 22, 2010.

A: The past several weeks have been quite a blur for me, actually, which is partly why there aren’t any messages posted since May 22nd. The next Shabbat, May 29th, there were no services held at Kehilat Sar Shalom. Our services were held in conjunction with the Chosen People Ministries retreat, Simcha 2010, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. So there will not be a recording for that Shabbat.
The day after we returned from the Simcha retreat, we left for our missions trip to Cuba. On June 5th, Elder Bryan gave the message, and on June 12th, a friend of mine, Scott Heine, gave the message. It is my understanding that these messages were recorded, but have not yet been processed to be put up on the web. June 19th was the first Shabbat that I was back, and the message was essentially a presentation of our time in Cuba. It went quite long, and while it was recorded, it might take some additional processing in order to break it into parts for posting on the website. The message from June 26th was the first regular message that was given since May 22nd. I would anticipate that posting sometime in the next few days.
So the answer to your question is yes, we will be resuming the posting of the messages very soon. However, it may take a little extra time to post the message from June 19th due to it’s size.

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