Because of how busy Shabbat can get for me, I realize that there are many people who I don’t get the opportunity to speak with each week. So I decided that those of you who have questions might need an outlet to get those questions answered. And if you have a question, others may have the same question. So this is a forum where you can ask you questions and get them answered. So click here to fill out the form, then check back frequently for new questions and answers from the rabbi!

Please feel free to scroll down and read all of the questions, or click on the topic below.

5 Special Sabbaths – Why are there 5 special Sabbaths leading up to Passover?
Creation and the Tabernacle
– Is there a parallel between the two?
Fear of Commitment? – What does John 2:24-25 mean?
God or Elohim? – Which name should we be using?
Haftarah and B’rit Hadashah Readings – Where do they come from?
Judaism vs. the New Testament? – Which one applies to believers?
Living Water – Where does this imagery in the B’rit Hadashah come from?
Messages on the Website – Will they continue?
Miriam and the Heifer – Is there a connection between the two?
Rosh Hashsnah or Yom Teruah? – Which one should we use?
Shabbat or Bust! – In today’s busy world, how can we make ourselves ready for the Sabbath?
Shavuot – Isn’t Pentecost a Christian holiday?
Sound the Shofar – How do the silver trumpets of Numbers 10 relate to the notes heard on Rosh Hashanah?
To Sacrifice or Not to Sacrifice – How do the Jewish people today justify no sacrifices, yet not accepting the atonement of Yeshua?
Torah Cycle and then Some – We study the Torah…but do we study other books as a whole?
Traditional vs. Messianic Services – What are the differences between them?
Weighing in on Wine? – Does the Bible forbid drinking alcoholic beverages?
What Does it Mean to Honor? – How should we, as adults, be honoring our parents?
Yeshua: Divine, Diety or Dud? – What exactly is the nature of the Messiah?

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