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In 1947, Haiti was one of just 33 nations that supported the formation of the nation of Israel. On November 29, 1947, UN Resolution 181 was passed by a vote of 33-13 with 10 abstentions, creating modern Israel. In fact, even prior to the 1947 vote, Haiti was one of very few places that allowed Jewish immigration from Europe during the Holocaust. While most countries were turning the Jewish people away, Haiti was issuing visa and passports to Jewish refugees.

Haiti now needs our help. Prayer is certainly in order, but for those who are able, financial support is what will bring them the food and water and clothing that they need. And since there are plenty of charitable organizations out there already, we are going to direct you, the members and supporters of Kehilat Sar Shalom, to Conduit Missions. The video at the top of this page was created by Conduit Missions to show the need. But at this point, I can’t believe that there is anyone out there that doesn’t acknowledge that there is a need. The only question on the table is, knowing what the need is, what can we do to help?

Please consider making a generous contribution to Haitian relief. If you have your own favorite relief organization, use them. But so something to make a difference. Whatever you can afford will help. And don’t forget to keep them in your prayers.

Here’s a quick personal story. I am working with a woman who is from Haiti. I asked her a few days after the quake hit how her family was doing. Baruch Hashem all her family was fine, and accounted for. But they had been left with nothing. There was no house left. It had been completely destroyed by the quake. They were living on the streets, with the rest of their neighborhood. I asked about their plans. And she said that they were hoping to be able to walk to their friends’ house the following day. But they were about 100 miles away, at least an hour and a half by car. It was going to take them almost a week to get there, and they had no food or water for the trip. But it was better than just living on the street, she said.

The need is great. Won’t you help? Please click the graphic below.

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